How it works

As part of our ongoing mission to use design for good we initiate exhibitions with artists, brands, charities and all else in between, to engage with the topics that matter to us.

We invite artists to respond to a theme that challenges and inspires action for a good cause. We respond to a theme that has contextual weight and partner with a relevant charity or NFP in that space. All profits raised from the exhibition are donated.

A limited run of prints per artist are produced for the exhibition and are sold on our online store. All prints are priced at one blanket cost, which covers print and production.

The price point is designed to be accessible to those who are not necessarily traditional art buyers.

In holding these exhibitions, we hope to:

  • Bring together a local and international art community to create expressive and meaningful work
  • Establish a platform to promote causes that matter and create discussion around these issues
  • Giving people a chance to feel good by giving back and contributing to something bigger than themselves.
  • Raise money for charities that are doing important work.